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The Book

Dragon Conversation


Every unknown source is confounded with irony as the wealth grows long.

Over bare and darkly night, monuments force and fade and follow broken slants of

straw men and women, and no manner of special privilege will convey the wanted

winnings that lie dormant there.

Cater to the best that lives with the worst and know that this is so!

Follow, don t follow!

All quiet the same.

Even a trued-up game.

And broken windows are all fixed.

And no more, as cry in the land, is heard soft moan of our fear.

His fear Her fear.

And no less There — fear.

Don’t wish to be too hard on you!

AH! The fool enters hearty.

Philosopher is caught with 1984 personal computer, with e-prom escarpments

where fishes moan too.

And he dies many times. As each tree falls he knows and feels it and pieces of him fly away!

The salvation sought The crown in the jewel For chief certain!

This I know

I fear not knowing you and first principles abandoned!

But too let it be said

This fear, this — Not fear.

Don’t let that scare you!

Don’t let that let you think that my stake in the game is

devalued defaced strengthened cross wired and found with likely

torrent of admiration and admonishment, between sheets of spilled coins and

announced curfews for returning them.

Ever a-pace races run ad-continuum.

Astride faces welcoming changes.

Traces of your scent.

Foundlings ranked up there with the most


Training privileges.

Able to read book, enjoy concert,

And exact all the misuse applicable.

Able to hear of your plight elsewhere in the world,

but improperly embarked to guarantee you food and water must fix this!