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Life’s ruggles

Well, how did you get here poet “friend of the world,” if would be that?
From the making self known, better known?! Wrangle?
“Read the work” you with Practical would say, I guess. And yeah!
Pictures may help decide, in a world full of eyes, who buy the work.
When, whereas, also yes! is loved the Instress-harvest Priest !
And fathering furthest Frost, use us the crowded speaking voice.
Discoveries well-used stages mount. And can’t kelp thinking,
along y-axis men seem better, barely, maybe aren’t.

From lookout, look-in on and Poiema, the making, form,
fabricate, do – “from the fault he does not remove himself,”
and piquant, piceous. Stadios, minomen, laophoros; the tyrant,
his persuasive allgemeine Ermessen, sodalitas and pinax of/by pickthanks precious;
rhusos us! Pintle to sheath and all else ; intentional conscience, rift of ages avoid.
Finding, are of All add in calculations,
with who add but a few and cannot talk bride.
Wishing still, a safe place to space find, hours when you need one.

-For the record. Despite Publishing dates…1995 and earlier work!

Written evidence of 1996!

Written evidence of 1997! Pub. 2000 & 2004.